Relocation Guide

So, you're looking to move to marquette, eh?

We know the prospects of moving to a new place can be overwhelming, no matter where and when it may be. That’s why we’ve worked with our partners around town to create this comprehensive relocation guide, to answer your most pressing questions. From housing to childcare, job and remote work resources to local food markets, scroll below to access a guide to living in Marquette, MI.

Want to chat with someone here, already living, working, and playing in the Queen City? Well, you’re in luck. Marquette is graced with passionate community members and through a collaboration with our friends at Connect Marquette we’ve launched a program to help connect locals already here with those looking to relocate. Click the link below to learn more.

Your Marquette Relocation Guide

** Please note, the information presented below is a combination of passion and research, our team and partners do not specifically endorse any of the organizations and welcome suggestions in every category. 

  • NMU LTE Services
  • Spectrum 
  • Starlink is also rolling out across the U.P. and we’ve heard great feedback from our friends in the Keweenaw. Like many rural communities, internet strength may vary based on location but we’re glad that we have choices in MQT.


  • Many find success in finding rentals on Facebook. Aside from Marketplace here are a few groups to keep an eye on:
  • NMU’s Off-Campus Housing List
  • While Zillow is a failsafe in many communities, when looking for rentals it’s not as widely utilized unless you are looking to purchase a home here in Marquette.
  • Property management companies can be a great help and can advise you on a location that best suits your needs.  We do recommend reaching out as soon as possible as many have waitlists.
  • Pet friendly can be tough to find, depending on your budget Harbor Vista and One Marquette Place does allow pets.
  • If you’re ok driving a bit KI Sawyer has beautiful apartments that are 30 minutes away
  • Negaunee and Ishpeming have very reasonable-priced rentals with only a 10-15 minute commute, these areas may also be more likely to allow pets.


  • Make sure you are pre-approved
  • Begin your search at least 6 months prior to your move date
  • If you are looking to spend less for more square footage consider outlying communities like Harvey (5-10 minutes from MQT), Negaunee (10 minutes from MQT), Ishpeming (20 minutes from MQT), and Gwinn (30 minutes from MQT), 
  • We cannot give recommendations on specific realtors but know there are many talented and knowledgeable professionals in the county. We have gained a lot of knowledge from working with Stephanie Jones as well as the Artisan Real Estate Group in Marquette. 

Housing Resources



  • Sign up for our parent organization, Innovate Marquette, newsletter here, scroll to the bottom of our website to subscribe. We always try to include local job listings that our partners send our way.
  • HireScore by Stang Decision Systems

Job Boards

  • WorkLiveUP is like the LinkedIn or Indeed of the Upper Peninsula for jobs!
  • LinkedIn


Career Fairs

  • Check out our Return North event page. Return North is a U.P.-wide virtual and in-person career fair aimed to connect professionals in all walks of life with job opportunities here in the U.P.

Childcare Providers

Additional Resources & Programs

Small Markets/Party Stores

Farm to Table


CSA Farms in Marquette County

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Let us know! Visit our Connect Page to ask us a question or drop us a suggestion.

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