Top 10 Places to Work Remotely in Marquette

In the era of the digital nomad lifestyle, and with the modern workforce increasingly harnessing the power of their jobs from home (and on-the-go), we thought we would put together a list that both celebrates the city of Marquette’s ambitious efforts to cultivate that reliable, innovation and remote working environment, while also giving some much-deserved attention to local businesses. Like much of the world, we’re still learning about what it means to be living as a remote worker. With commitments to community support paired with unique innovative practices, we firmly believe that Marquette has serious potential to become one of the best cities to work wirelessly. Please enjoy this list of 10 places in Marquette (in no particular order) of our favorite spots to currently enjoy some remote work.


Famous for their muffins as well as their coffee, Babycakes Muffin Company continues to be one of the highest-trafficked bakery establishments in the Marquette area. Founded in 1988, with a coveted location right on West Washington Street in downtown Marquette, Babycakes is the perfect spot to enjoy a bite and a podcast while getting work done. With the high amount of foot traffic, snagging one of their few tables can be just a little bit tricky, but if you’re the hard worker we think you are, well, the early birds do often benefit, don’t they? We personally recommend sampling their Almond Poppy Muffin, or any of their diverse gluten-free and vegan options.


Spearheading what will surely come to be known as the beginning of Marquette’s coworking movement, is the particularly exciting & ambitious Campfire Coworks, located in the Masonic Mall also on Washington street, downtown. Having been previously managed by the Marquette Chamber of Commerce (then called Ampersand Coworking), Campfire’s refreshed approach to the coworking concept is attracting the attention of some of Marquette’s most ambitious entrepreneurs & equally hard-working community members. The 5,000 square foot hub is littered with an excitable list of amenities for its members, including meeting rooms, a kitchenette, complimentary printing & much more. The coworking space also offers flexible memberships that makes this both a viable and attractive option for remote workers or young professionals looking for that consistent and connected office environment. Alongside their private offices, you can take advantage of their desks, common areas, and did we forget to mention the bottomless coffee? The space is ready to fulfill your dreams of working in a modern office environment while emphasizing the obvious collaborative potential of your membership, and since it’s nestled between some of the best local shops & art galleries, it’s perfectly situated to bring balance to your busiest workdays. Campfire Coworks is truly one of the most versatile options for remote working jobs in Marquette, and is a shining example of what modern, passionate & innovative perspectives can integrate into our continuously developing area.


Adding yet another downtown Marquette location, we cannot exclude 231 West Patisserie from our list. This elegant 2-floor cafe with plenty of sitting space and striking interior design that perfectly pairs the love affair between a Northern ski town with your favorite New York-style cafe. 231 West is a brilliantly well-lit & modern-era coffee shop that begs to be a ritual visit for quality coffee and remote work space. Their delicious, home-made pastries, salads & desserts give a uniquely inspiring cafe experience to any workday. Whether you’re running a quick client meeting, connecting with your study group, or even if you’re just catching up on some email; 231 West is one of our cleanest, easiest recommendations for a productive afternoon of remote working.


Established in 2015, this addition to our list is one of our few local businesses that offers multiple locations across our Upper Peninsula. Contrast Coffee is heartwarmingly grounded in their various communities, with a steady reputation of readily sponsoring local events, students, clubs & organizations. Their Marquette location, which we’re focusing on today, is a thriving extension of those core beliefs. Situated near Northern Michigan University’s main campus, and with plenty of sitting space to snag, this location is a popular spot for hard-working students, as well as a favorable destination to nearby residents for its central location on N. 3rd Street. Flavoring their menus with their specialty, locally-roasted pours, as well as their crepes, quiches & toasts, Contrast Coffee offers an exclusive experience that will surely complement your busy schedule.


Velodrome Coffee Company truly embodies the essence of what makes Marquette unique; community, sustainability, and an outdoor lifestyle. Alongside their ethically sourced, fairly traded coffee, they’re wildly passionate about their efforts to become 100% trash-free. Regularly featuring a rotating number of local artist’s work on their walls, as well as additionally servicing the community as a bike repair shop called VeloServ, you’ll find an unmistakable sense of partnership within their cozy venue. Not only does their clever, evolving aesthetic help to create a space that’s marvelous for catching up on some studying, drafting up a client project or just having a friendly chat with their staff, but their rotation of reusable mugs and stickers are hard to pass up. Velodrome is yet another example of a community-first business here in Marquette, and with innovation in bringing sustainable practices to the coffee scene locally, we look forward to following how they continue to refine their daily momentum.


One of the most unique additions to this list is The Crib, which exists as a family-owned coffee shop & bar inside of a renovated 1890’s-era victorian home over on N. 3rd street. The establishment readily invites you to stay as long as you like, with plenty of corners for you to settle into for an afternoon of work. Their exceptionally unique business location provides an out-of-home experience for those that feel most productive…well..in home. With lots of floorspace, a casual crowd & some excellent hosts, you’ll feel right at home at The Crib.


We’re almost as surprised as you are to be including a brewery on this list, but if you’ll hear us out, we’re sure you’ll understand why. Ore Dock Brewing Company isn’t just your typical local brew pub. What makes it different you ask? Well, firstly, Ore Dock is strikingly aware of it’s influence and impact on the culture of the Marquette community, which is seen in their array of funky concerts, branded growlers, and variety of beverage options which includes house made seltzers crafted with Lake Suprior water. In addition to what we see on the outside, internally they hold the same work-life balance principals near and dear to many Yooper’s heart [link to definition of yooper article]. From reimbursing volunteer hours for their employees to sponsoring a healthy variety of community-focused events & humanitarian causes we can’t stress their influence enough. While Ore Dock may not be the best place to run a webinar… if you’re looking for a relaxing environment to enjoy a hard-earned brew while you crank away on some writing, finish up some design work or just organize your digital portfolio, Ore Dock Brewing has got you (and yours) totally covered. With their exceptionally attractive lounges, warm & social outdoor seating areas, partnered alongside their fequent parking area for local food trucks, rest assured that you’ll be able to relax into the tail end of your workday at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.


One of the many, benefits of living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is the Educational Access Network (EAN), founded & run by Northern Michigan University. EAN is, essentially, a wireless network signal that is broadcasted across the U.P. While the service doesn’t fully extend to all corners of the UP (yet), the city of Marquette is uniquely integrated, because the signal is hosted locally on NMU’s campus. So for students, or local Marquette residents willing to pay a subscription cost, that means that you can basically secure a wireless broadband internet connection almost anywhere around town. So with that in mind, we would like to recommend the Lower Harbor, Presque Isle, Picnic Rocks & Clark Lambros Beach Parks all as viable options for some relaxing, green space, lake-view, and playground options for both outdoor recreation, family friendly & a stress-free backdrop for an enjoyable afternoon of remote work. (hot tip: Lower Harbor Park has LOTS of dogs and a giant playground)


If bakeries, parks, or co-working spaces aren’t your thing, and you really just need a distraction-free environment to spread out & settle in for a few solid hours of intense work, we would recommend setting up in the Peter White Library, which is free to access for both students & residents of the Marquette area. Once you’re set up with your library card, which you can register for online, you’ll be free to seek out that perfect spot & sink some hours into your remote job. Printing services, computer labs and even private room reservations all add to the focused atmosphere that makes this public library a great place for remote workers of all levels. While they may ask you to take your calls outside, their perfect downtown location makes a quick stroll or an explorative lunch break some attractive aspects of this uniquely balanced addition to our list.


As one of the more accessible locations to students on campus, this in-home style cafe buzzes with that oft-sought, productive student energy. Cafe Allenatore proudly serves unique, knowledgeable European-style coffees & deserts that makes it a standout location even outside of the Marquette area. With some inventive household furnishings, you’re sure to find a cozy corner or a deep couch cushion to sink into for your productive afternoon. Boasting some reputable partnerships with local bee farmers & bakeries, you’ll find the freshest of ingredients used throughout their dynamic menu. Whether you’re popping in with a laptop, a sketchbook or some friends, you’ll quickly come to enjoy this consistently cozy, yet energetic atmosphere.


We hope you enjoy working in the Marquette area! Please know that while we’re limiting our article to only 10 of our Marquette recommendations, we absolutely encourage you to embody some of that coveted Upper Michigan culture & venture out to explore even more for yourselves! Our list, although exciting, really only represents a fraction of the amazing, unique spots you can find scattered across the greater U.P., and in this exciting age of technological advancement & incredibly balanced lifestyles.