Moving to a new city or coming back home is an exciting chapter in your life, but it can also be overwhelming. Our goal is to make that process more seamless, welcoming, and enjoyable. Whether you are just starting to explore the possibility of moving to Marquette, currently in the process of relocating, or still settling in after a recent move, we are here to help!

Marquette Local Links is a collaborative effort between Make it Marquette and Connect Marquette. This newly launched ambassador program connects individuals who are in various stages of moving to Marquette with local ambassadors to help newcomers feel welcome and connected. Local Links are members of our community who already chose to live, work, and play in our Queen City. They are a diverse group of individuals with different interests, experiences, and professional backgrounds but they all share a common thread: their passion for Marquette.

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Marquette Local Links

Interested in connecting with one of our Local Links? Our team of volunteer ambassadors are ready and eager to answer your burning questions as well as share knowledge of topics such as schools and childcare, buying and renting a home, community events, recreational activities, etc. very soon! 

Please check back after soon to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, we encourage you to view their profiles below and visit our Relocation Guide.

Ashley McGrath

Recruiter, Manpower

Originally from the metro Detroit area, Ashley arrived in Marquette to attend Northern Michigan University. After graduation, she admits to feeling “a tad lost” about her future career but she knew one thing: she needed to stay in Marquette!

From the abundance of nature and outdoor recreational activities to the luxury of passing friends and neighbors down the sidewalk that you can only find in a small town, her little family loves calling Marquette home. 

“Even in times of stress, the U.P. provides a sense of calmness and reassurance.”

Ask Ashley about:

  • Job Opportunities
  • Community Involvement

Erin Wasik

Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX

An NMU alum and former student-athlete, Erin has experienced a lot of “firsts” since moving to Marquette from Kansas City, Missouri. Seeing a moose, snorkeling and flying an airplane are a few that top her list!

Erin is a firm believer that Marquette can bring out the adventurous side in everyone. While she is excited to share her experiences and advice of living in Marquette, she is eager to get to know new members of our community and hear their stories. 

Erin’s proudest Yooper moment? Her winter driving skills (very essential!)

Ask Erin about:

  • Housing
  • Job Opportunities
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Community Involvement

Nick Steffey

Owner, Sidecar Productions

Like many people experiencing the perks of remote work or self-employment, Nick was in a position to choose where he lived.

He had two requirements: close proximity to an airport so his wife could travel for work and a university for continuing his education.

An outdoor adventure enthusiast, it was an added bonus that Marquette provides high quality outdoor rec opportunities within minutes of your doorstep.

“When you don’t need a vacation from life, that is when you know you’ve built a good one.”

Ask Nick about:

  • Job Opportunities
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Community Involvement

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