Why Marquette?

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is for those of us who long for the option to leave the laptop at 5:00, and immerse into the woods by 5:05. Whether you’re craving art, culture and cuisine or have an itch to fade into a forest so far removed that the hum of cars and buzz of streets fade into the ether. Let Marquette be your portal to all Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has to offer.

Marquette County

  • 83 miles of Lake Superior shoreline
  • 40+ parks and recreation spaces within a 10 minute drive 
  • Outdoor recreation isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle

The Upper Peninsula

  • 29% land mass of the state of Michigan
  • 3% of Michigan’s population
  • Connected to 21% of world’s fresh water supply

Arts and Culture

Where art and culture meet craft beer and kombucha

From community driven festivals like Art on the Rocks and Music on Third to the plethora of galleries, pop-up shops, and the staple Mqt Farmers Market, arts and culture are so woven into the tapestry of our community that we have an entire city department and innovation center devoted to it. Check out the Marquette Arts and Culture Center and MÄTI Mqt to learn more.

An Intelligence in Innovation

A unique part of Marquette is the importance placed upon innovation weaving a robust ecosystem surrounding entrepreneurship, tech, and business development into our roots. And it’s just getting started: come be a part of our building blocks. From remote work to business planning to venture capital funding, Marquette offers a variety of resources. For more information on those resources you can contact our partners at Innovate Marquette.

Small Classrooms, Big Results

From the K-12 Marquette Area Public Schools (MAPS) to Northern Michigan University (otherwise known as NMU or Northern) you can rest assured our community understands that to be a successful competitor in the 21st Century economy we must invest in our youth and our people’s education. NMU is a regional comprehensive institution that has earned distinction through innovative programs, accessibility, and academic excellence, combined with an authentic collegiate experience that prepares students for success.

With a strategic focus on “Investing in Innovation,” Northern has built a reputation as a first-mover in digital access and educational technology, becoming the first university in the nation to institute a campus-wide laptop program (1999) and a campus- and community-wide WiMAX broadband service, which President Barack Obama visited campus to highlight in 2011 as part of his National Wireless Initiative.  In 2017 Northern launched its nationally-recognized Education Access Network, an LTE network that now serves over 70 communities throughout the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin that were previously unserved or underserved.

With over 170 degree programs and a legacy of top-caliber teaching, learning, research, and service, Northern prepares students for success in their lives and careers, including those in high-demand and emerging sectors, such as healthcare and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, sustainability, and cybersecurity. In 2016, Northern established the first baccalaureate degree focused on careers at the intersection of biochemistry and the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

In 2019, NMU established the U.P. Cyber Security Institute, the only hub on the Michigan Cyber Range north of Grand Rapids. During the same year, Northern convened the only cybersecurity and IT-focused consortium that was awarded funding through the State of Michigan’s Marshall Plan for Talent. In 2020, the university launched the NMU Center for Rural Health and SISU, an institute for innovation and transformational education.

Other Upper Peninsula Communities

We love Marquette, but we want you to know that there are a wide variety of options in our Upper Peninsula communities. Our favorite part of living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the strong affinity our communities have for one another. Take a peek at some of the other area’s of the Upper Peninsula below.

A place that proves smaller is smarter...

Come for space and stay for the community. Marquette pairs a small-town feel with big city innovation and opportunity. As a collaborative community within the Center on Rural Innovation, a state-of-the-art hospital system, and Northern Michigan University our network spans far past that of this peninsula.

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