Need a Brain Break? Here’s 7 Food Trucks in Marquette You Can’t Miss

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Take a Break On An Empty Stomach

It’s easy to work up quite an appetite in an active community, especially with the potential for an outdoor break mid-way through your workday. Luckily for you, we’re serving up some great lunchtime excuses for taking that well-deserved brain break on the run! We’re sure you’ve seen them – around the block, down the street, driving by, outside your favorite bar – Marquette’s got one of the best kinds of culinary infestations… a growing arsenal of local food trucks!

The thing about food trucks, apart from their skyrocketing popularity over the last 10 years or so, is that they’re often found in large cities like New York, Chicago, or out west on the California coast. With humble beginnings as your typical neighborhood ice-cream & food delivery trucks, they’ve grown into an impactful culinary scene and our mini-metropolis of Marquette is no exception. 

What makes the scene ultimately unique here you ask? Well, while predominantly servicing the corporate 9-5’ers on their lunch breaks, in larger cities food trucks are normally small-scale versions of popular restaurants looking to capitalize on a more mobilized market. However, that’s not quite the case in Marquette. You see, what stands our food truck scene apart from their metropolitan equivalents, is that the whole restaurant – yes the ENTIRE menu – is designed to be produced exclusively out of the truck. That means shorter, more curated menus – and with new trucks popping up almost every year, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be trying something different and exciting.

The modern food trucking experience happening here in town is… odd, but I guess we just do things differently in Marquette. It’s wholesome, captivating and it pairs just so well with everything else going on around town: local breweries, cafes, markets, events and the list goes on! If there’s a crowd, chances are there’s one of our local food trucks at its center. So, let’s get to know these meals on wheels (in alphabetical order) and maybe the next time you’re driving by – you’ll be sure to pull over for a bite.

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Food Trucks in Marquette: So, Who’s Hungry?!

1. Burger Bus

First firing up their grills beginning in the early summer of 2018, the Burger Bus is a delicious dream served up by co-owners Alayna & Michael Prahl. Wanting to…well, serve incredible brioche-bun’d burgers out of a bus, the pair repurposed an old school bus – painted it green – and drove it straight into the culinary heart of Marquette. They’ve got their signature Brand Burger, a Chicken Brand burger, a Vegan Falafel Burger, and some rotating local favorites (we’ve seen a tempura cauliflower burger & a gluten-free chili burger on their menus before, we can tell that they enjoy some seasonal creativity). You can spot Burger Bus parked in front of Ore Dock Brewing Company, as well as Black Rocks Brewing Company on a regular schedule Thursday-Sunday, but if you’ve got an event or party in mind, they may just be taking bribes Monday through Wednesday. You can order your burgers online, or by checking in with them on their Instagram account.

2. Dia de Los Tacos

Taking inspiration from traditional Mexican cuisine, you can spot the wildly popular Dia de Los Tacos’ bright blue truck parked outside of almost every brewery in town, in addition to a number of popular coffee shops. Their carnitas, chorizo-stuffed burritos, horchata, and much more are available daily throughout the Marquette area. From 5-9 pm every night, you can also catch Dia de Los Tacos serving their menu through the 231 West Patisserie storefront downtown. Check-in on their Facebook page to see the truck’s daily scheduled stops.

3. Fish Express

Created in 2020, Fish Express is one of the freshest set of wheels in town. Open every day from 11-8, you can find Fish Express’ nautical trailer parked over on N 3rd Street, just a few blocks south of the Superior Dome. Offering up locally sourced fish & chips, fish tacos, and salmon burgers (just to name a few) Fish Express is a true, local entrepreneurial collaboration between the minds of Kevin Bray (who likes to catch the fish) & Joe Constance (who likes to eat the fish). The duo is creative, hilarious and is quickly snagging the attention of our local fish foodie fanatics. So hop on board this flavor-filled frenzy and tackle your appetite with the culinary offerings at Fish Express. Check out their Instagram to catch a quick glimpse at any of their plated specials.

4. G’s Pizzeria & Deli

G’s is a must-have coastline truck located over on Lakeshore Blvd. Hugging the Lake Superior coastline, they’ve got everything you need to compliment a casual drive-by for a slice or a day at the beach with friends (and a pie). Obviously, their specialty is in their delicious, incredibly well-seasoned pizzas (we personally recommend the 16” Florentine Pie), but they’re also serving up some incredible salads and appetizers to boot. They’ve got gluten-free options, drinks and have we mentioned their homemade ranch/Italian dressing!? Everything in their truck they can make in under 15 mins, but you can always call ahead if you’d like to skip the wait. G’s Pizzeria & Delis is open Thursday-Sunday from 11-8.

5. Smelted

We’re back on the road again with Smelted, a wood-fired pizzeria on wheels. Their black and orange truck is a standout here in Marquette and can be found Thursday-Sunday bouncing around between Blackrocks Brewing Company, Oredock Brewing Company & Drifa Brewing Company. They’ve got a nice, meaty list of 11 different pies you can order, in addition to a few salads and some absolutely scrumptious parmesan breadsticks. You’ll smell this truck from a mile off, but just to be sure you’re headed in the right direction, check out their Instagram for their daily schedule & to catch a glimpse at some of their best pies. Call ahead if, like us, you can’t afford to waste any time not chowing down.

6. Ultimate Sandwich Co.

Ultimate Sandwich Co., established in 2021, makes them another young truck here in Marquette. Normally parked right next to their neighbors, Fish Express, on N 3rd St. in the new Marketplace Lot, this truck is not only packed with Marquette’s best sandwiches, but also a team of wholesome, dedicated foodies. There’s Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches, Yooper Breakfast Sandwiches (served on a freakin’ waffle), BLT’s, Grilled Cheeses, and rotating flavors of their ULTIMATE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES (I mean, come on). Ultimate Sandwich Co. is open daily from 11-9, but don’t expect us to save you a spot in line.

7. Ugly Pops

Also recently opening up this year, Ugly Pops promises to be one of the most unique trucks on this list, being that it’s… well, not exactly a truck. This freezer-led bicycle is all the space Ugly Pops needs to bring its vision to life – delicious popsicles made entirely of waste produce sourced from local farms & grocery stores (hence the name “Ugly”). Wanting to make a real difference in their community, the Ugly Pops team delivers their frozen flavors depending on which ingredients they’re able to source during their season. Blueberry Basil Lemonade Pops, Banana Peanut Butter Pops and Lemon Sage Pops are just a few of the incredible frozen infusions you can pull from their mobile freezer. Catch Ugly Pops setting up shop at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market every Saturday, but if you happen to miss them, you can also keep tabs on their Instagram for some not-so-subtle hints at where they’ll be turning up next around town.

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In Conclusion: Don’t Worry, We’ll Drive

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little hunger-inducing adventure we’ve put together for you here today, and look forward to seeing you all waiting in line soon! If there’s a truck we missed, or a brand-new truck on its way, go ahead and leave a comment down below or connect with us on Instagram and we’ll be sure to keep this mouthwatering list updated.

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