The Definition of a Yooper

Yoopers are brilliant & formidable. We’re focused, ambitious, connected, hardy and harmonious. We celebrate our leisure, endlessly refine our unrivaled work-ethic, and above all else, resist any attempt to be assigned a simpler definition.

Top 10 Places to Work Remotely in Marquette

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With the modern workforce increasingly harnessing the power of their jobs from home, we thought we would put together a list that both celebrates Marquette’s ambitious efforts to cultivate that reliable, remote-working environment, while also giving some much-deserved attention to some of our local businesses that we treasure most.

Where to Live in Marquette

Is Marquette, MI a good place to live? If you’re here reading this article, chances are you’ve been asking yourself this very question. The wonderful news that we have to share with you, is that the answer you’re looking for, is yes!